“Simple ways to make your kids feel loved daily” with Green Moms Collective

In this new age of technology and consumerism we as mothers are faced with a new challenge in loving our kids. We are given more options of what to offer our kids but are often left with less of ourselves and time to give them. We don’t have to break the bank or plan elaborate outings or own certain things to show our kids we love them.

All we need to do is show up for them everyday, and make time at least once a day that is just for them and nothing else.




“How to Love Your Mom Body” with Green Moms Collective

You are your body and you are more than your body. We are not just arms and legs or hands and feet. We are thoughts, emotions, feelings and memories. Motherhood doesn’t just impact you physically. It also impacts you emotionally and mentally. You are not just your waist or shirt size. You are every experience you’ve had, step you’ve taken, dream you’ve dreamt and victory you’ve won.





"Exploring Chicago(without our kids) with She goes global

"Chicago: the city where my husband and I found ourselves kid free for the first time in years. A city where we made new discoveries and refueled our passion for creativity."



"Motherhood is my Career, and I'm a proud SAHM" with Motherly

"There is no way to measure a person. And certainly no way to measure a mother. As mother's we are teachers, doctors, cooks, chauffeurs, playmates, babysitters, secretaries, and So. Much. More."



"4 easy ways to incorporate messy play" with Binka Bear Blog

"As parents in a modern age, there is an app for everything and we are often sold the importance of structures and schedules for ourselves and our Children. Both structure and having a schedule are important and have their place. But our children need time and space to be children. And that is really what messy play is all about."


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"Growing up with my children" Issue 16 of Holl and Lane Magazine

"Many things can be done but only a few things can de done well. Children teach us so many things perhaps one of the greatest is how to prioritize our lives." https://hollandlanemag.com/shop/issue-16-print-edition/

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"Loving messy life with a toddler" with Bad Mum Magazine

"Today there are plenty of messes to be seen and cleaned. And that's OK. I only have a toddler once. A fry eater, lego player, stinky finger smearer once. Today messes mean we played, learned and loved life together. If I choose to define messes this way then they can be OK." https://badmummagazine.com/2018/05/loving-messy-life-with-toddler./


"3 habits I learned from Freelancing" with The Free Woman

"If the thought of freelancing made you scoff before or feel daunted I hope you feel differently. While it does allow for flexibility it also requires self discipline. I never expected to gain confidence, structure and the ability to be my own editor, but I was pleasantly surprised. When you take a leap into what seems to be the unknown there can be more waiting for you then what you first expect."https://thefreewoman.com/3-habits-learned-freelancing/



"The Rebirth of Slow Mothering" Featured on Green Moms Collective

"Slow mothering might look like a little more savoring, a little less rushing.A little less progress, a little more process. A little less structure, and a little more kindness. A little less curating and a little more spontaneity. A little less yelling, a little more laughing."



"How we Behold Beauty" with The Free Woman

"Our Bodies are assigned shapes: hourglass, pear, straight, oval, diamond, apple. Our skin and hair types are described by words like; dry, flaky, greasy, blemished, normal, average. We have been taught to measure every part of ourselves by a “one type of beauty for every body” system instead of a “every body is a type of beauty” system.What is we saw our bodies as living stories? What if the dark circles, the unruly hair, the scars- all told stories about our history, present, and future? We can all appreciate historical structures for the history they represent and the memories they house."



"3 Ways to simplify the holidays" with Green Moms Collective

This year I hope we can all resist the temptation to accumulate what we don't need and instead say yes to less for a truly simple Christmas season. When we say no to excess we create more room for love to grow and peace to be maintained." https://thefreewoman.com/3-habits-learned-freelancing/



"Reconciling After Infidelity" with Holl and Lane Mag

"Healing and forgiveness is an ongoing process. We have learned the importance of addressing pain, as unspoken pain only breeds more pain. It is important to keep showing up and choosing love. When God transforms a story of pain into a story of hope, love is reborn and made new. It is my hope that those who hear our story will find hope for their own and the courage to share it."


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"Houston a Hidden Gem" Photography and Writing for SceenryMag

“Houston, we have a problem...” This may have been the only reference to Houston you’ve ever heard. But having been born there, met my husband there, and having my first child there, makes me feel quite differently about it. Houston has greater diversity than any city I’ve ever been too. There are hidden gems sprinkled throughout this city for everyone, whether you are young, old, or somewhere in-between."



"Adventures in Austin" Photography and Writing for SceenryMag

“Texas is the finest portion of the globe that has ever blessed my vision”- Sam Houston.

"Nowhere is this statement truer than in Austin TX. Though I’m not from Austin I have made countless trips through the years with my husband, friends, and family. It is where we go for beautiful places to swim, good music, quirky hangouts, delicious food and a good time because Austin has both natural and man made wonders it is the perfect place to have an adventure."


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"Bringing Awareness to Thyroid Cancer" with Holl and Lane Mag

"As a millenial and a woman I am used to pushing myself, as I'm guessing most of us twenty-somethings and females are expected to. I ignored the sleeplessness and the signs of stress because I thought that's what I was supposed to do. I was a new mother, newlywed, and promoted to management at a job where I was working overtime. We each have a different set of life circumstances, but we can all relate to not getting enough sleep and having hectic and demanding schedules."